To say we are in unprecedented times is an understatement! 
The SHOPS are closed 
The SCHOOLS are closed
And now the OFFICE is closed too...

What does that mean for your career?.... 
your Future?
If you want to have the best chance of coming out the other side of whatever this is…

With your sanity intact and still viewed as a valued member of your team, with clear career growth prospects
STRETCH Academy is the dynamic online learning platform designed to support those who like to take control of their career in their own time. Within the academy, you will have access to game changing courses that will boost your career growth delivered by senior experts and practitioners at the top of their game in the corporate world.

There are tons of useful resources such as checklists, workbooks and trainings filled with practical tips you can implement to get the results you desire. The Academy is for the discerning and ambitious professional who is ready to take the next step in their career

Cracking the Confidence Code
Confidence is recognised as important to personal and professional progress. Yet what does healthy confidence look like in the workforce? Often people underplay strengths and skills at work, at the risk of not wanting to be seen as self-promoting or aggressive. 

This Masterclass covers why self-assurance and self-esteem really matter, easy confidence boosting tips, and how to become ‘confidence’ conscious. 
Professional Etiquette: 
Do’s and Don’ts of the workplace
Have you ever wished there was a manual on how to act in professional settings? We have all experienced cringe worthy moments at work where we debated eating that last doughnut or shared that really ‘funny’ joke no one else understood. 

Those people who don’t follow the business etiquette frequently make a poor impression severely decreasing their chances for success. The smallest problems can be harmful and damage your career. Therefore, it is critical that you understand at least the basics of professional and office etiquette as it is not only about the way you behave and speak but also the way you introduce yourself, dress up, follow the policies of the company and even eat. 

This Masterclass will help you explore the basics of professional etiquette. It will focus on the dos and don’ts of office behaviours , how to consistently maintain a professional demeanour and how to handle office gossip and water-cooler moments . It will also explore the value of networking and socialising with colleagues and how to do it in a comfortable way.
Building a Personal Brand
A personal brand is who someone is as an individual, and what they have to offer. It can and should be a genuine representation of a person’s unique personality and strengths. In the workplace, perception is reality and personal brand goes a long way in establishing credibility and workplace identity. 

This Masterclass explores what makes up a personal brand and how to communicate that brand to others to achieve your goals.
Career Planning & 90 Day Plan
Career success is rarely accidental. It takes careful planning and strategic decisions. However, many early-stage professionals underestimate the importance of planning and are not as familiar with how to keep themselves accountable. 

This Masterclass covers the objectives and benefits of early career planning, how to build an effective 90 day plan, reviewing your career progress to date, vision and goal setting, and more. 
Career Sponsors & Mentors
The benefits of a mentor to career progression are well-documented. Less discussed is the critical importance of a sponsor. Sponsors help your advancement by making you visible to leaders within the company and acting as your advocate. In summary, while mentors advise, sponsors act. 

This Masterclass explores the difference between a sponsor and a mentor, how to identify the right sponsor and how sponsors can help you achieve your career goals.
Navigating Organisational Politics: 
Thriving in a Challenging Culture
Organisational politics can be hard to decipher but understanding the politics at play within an organisation is important in finding professional success. 

This Masterclass examines the 4 A’s of navigating organisational politics; aptitude (how to develop the essential skills), attitude (how to enjoy the process and maintain personal integrity), approach (how to align personal goals with organisational goals), and advantage (ensuring both individuals
and organisations benefit from success).
Building Highly Valuable Internal and External
The saying goes your network is your net-worth and that is very true when applied to career growth and development.

Building valuable connections and nurturing those contacts within your network can yield dividends as a strong network provides support, helps to increase learning and play a very active role in career moves.

Using real life case studies, this module will explore how to cultivate a thriving network of supportive connections both internally and externally and will highlight some of the tools you can use to build and nurture your network.
Confident Work Conversations
Communication is the most fundamental tool we have in the workplace, and how someone communicates can be more important than what they are trying to say. Verbal and nonverbal cues directly influence perception. 

This Masterclass focuses on the steps you can take to attaining effective communication, the importance of non-verbal cues, and how confidence
affects how our message is received.
Founder of Career Masterclass and the STRETCH Connect Membership Club. I am also a senior risk and controls expert in the financial services industry with extensive experience of working at some of the world’s largest banks such as JP Morgan, HSBC and Barclays. In the last 15 years, I have successfully built a thriving career while raising my young family of two boys. 

However, building a successful career as one of the few senior black women in the United Kingdom has not been without its challenges. I have been able to overcome those challenges and forge ahead which is why I am passionate about supporting people like you in building successful careers in spite of the challenges and difficulties you may face.

STRETCH connect was born out of a desire to build a supportive and thriving community and network of BAME professionals like you and help you achieve your career goals and aspirations. My singular goal is to inspire you, motivate you and show you the tools that have helped me on my journey with the knowledge that they can do the same for you. You will succeed if you try. Keep STRETCHing.
Career Growth Doesn't Happen By accident.
and it's now more important than ever to invest in your biggest career asset...
But You Don’t Have To Just Take Our Word For It...
“I have had the best growth in my career since registering with STRETCH Academy. 

The tips and lessons learnt were invaluable. I did all my homework, and in the first two weeks of my returning from Maternity leave, I was promoted! And my participation in team activity has greatly improved.”

- Aisha Craig
“The Academy has been a game changer for me in terms of plotting my career path. 

Bukola and team are so passionate about helping others reach the top in their careers, and through this platform, have provided not just theory but practical steps that produce better outcomes for individuals.”

- Folawe Odunukan

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